FRED Books (Families Read Every Day)

Research shows that children whose families read to them on a regular basis have more success in school, a better understanding of the world, and positive feelings about themselves as learners.

This is how our "FRED" Program works.
1. Make this a a special time to enjoy books together. Have a good time.
2. Sit side by side and let your child help turn the pages.
3. As you read, talk with your child aboutt he book. Answer questions and ask questions of your own. This is how your child will learn.
  • Name anything your child points to in the pictures
  • Point to pictures yourself and explain things as you read.
  • Run your ringer under some words as you read them, especially if they are in big, bold print or are fun to say.
  • Explain any word your child may not understand.
  • Encourage questions and comments-get a conversation going.
4.Sign the Daily Reading Record.
5.Return the book and Daily Reading Record EVERYDAY!!!